Concealed Weapons Permit

Description: Students will learn basic firearms safety and general laws for concealed carry in the State of New York, Connecticut, Utah and Florida. Upon completion of this class, the student will have the necessary requirements to apply for a Concealed Weapons Permit for the above names states.

Personal Protection Inside the Home

Description: Kids will learn important steps to take if they find a gun as well as the basic parts to the firearm. Depending on the age of the child, they may learn basic tasks to assist their parent/guardian in cleaning their firearm.

Kids Firearms Safety

1st Time Shooters Clinic

1st Time Shooters Clinic Description: Students will learn the initial fundamentals of firearm safety, parts and operation. Students will also learn the most widely used shooting positions and proper sight alignment and sight picture used for target shooting. This class is designed for 1st time firearm owners or those who have no previous experience.

Got My CWP…Now What?

Description: Students will learn the basic fundamentals to increase the survival rate when using your firearm for personal protection. Class will include the introduction of drawing from concealment, defensive cover, shooting “on the move”, and acquisition of multiple targets.

Firearms Courses

  • Concealed Weapons Permit
  • Personal Protection Series(Inside the Home)
  • Personal Protection Series(Outside the Home)
  • Pepper Spray Defense Class
  • 1st Time Shooters Clinic
  • Kids Firearm Safety
  • Shooter Tutor
  • Got My CWP…Now What?

Description: Students will learn advanced firearm skills of defensive marksmanship, defensive accuracy, utilizing defensive cover, and proficiency in various shooting positions. Students will practice drawing from concealment, acquiring multiple targets with rapid fire at center of mass.

Personal Protection Outside the Home

Pepper Spray Defense Class

Shooter Tutor Description: Students will learn more advanced techniques such as shooting under time and visual constraints. Students will also learn alternative and more efficient trigger and sight work. REQUIREMENTS Must be 18 years old Must provide own firearm

Description: Students will learn the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to safe and efficient use of a handgun for protection of self and family, and to provide information on the law-abiding citizen’s right to self-defense. Students will perform basic fundamentals of defensive marksmanship, defensive accuracy, cover and concealment to respond to various life threatening encounters within the home.

Description: Students will learn various techniques to release themselves from common threatening holds used in domestic violence and kidnapping. Students will also combine these techniques with a specialized pepper spray.

Shooter Tutor